The advantages of using Aspirin

There is a wide range of using Aspirin, it can be used for fever, headache, nerve pain, muscle pain and so on. It has been widely used in the clinical environment because of the easiness for the human body to absorb, the speed of separating in the body and the strong effects. However, there are few conscious we need to be awarded before we take the Aspirin. First, the kids under 19 years old are not suitable to take the Aspirin. From the study, we found that if the kids have a virus disease and they took aspirin they would probably get Reye’s syndrome, which I am going to take later on. Thus for kids, we normally use acetyl aminophenol (Paracetamol) and ibuprofen instead which are the derivatives of Aspirin and we are going to talk more on these later as well. For adults, they can just take aspirin by following the instructions. However, one thing is worth to notice, aspirin cannot be taken at the same time with alcohol. When alcohol reaches the liver it is going to experience the dehydrogenation process which makes it into an aldehyde, the dehydrogenase process keeps going then turns the aldehyde into acetic acid. Then the further reaction takes place and formed carbon dioxide and water. This is the fact why it can be dangerous when you take alcohol and aspirin at the same time. Aspirin can decrease the reactivity of the dehydrogenase process which means there are going to be more acetic acid stuck in the body, therefore it will cause the serious pain throughout the whole body, in the end, it will cause the damaging of the liver.

First, it is able to analgesia and antipyretic. Aspirin can reduce a headache in a short period of time by expanding the viruses and we can know from this aspirin is better at treating dull pain (The pain does not like a knife cut) rather than sharp pain (The pain like a knife cut). Main while aspirin is also capable to readjust the thermostatic centre in hypothalamus into a normal level, because of this fact it can be used to treat flu and bring down the fever. However, aspirin can only delay the symptom but it cannot treat the cause of the disease. Therefore, we have to use it with other drugs at the same time.

Apart from killing pains and treating flu or fever, it is also the drug which is used to treat rheumatism, Arthritis and Thrombotic. Sometimes the mountain climbers will take aspirin as well because it can restrain the releasing of blood cells and the gathering of the blood cells.

Despite these main diseases, there are few other interesting uses of aspirin in the clinical environment.

Here are some more nasty diseases which aspirin can be used.

First, it can be a part of the treatment of Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome which also called as Kawasaki disease, aspirin acts as a drug which reduces inflammation reaction and prevents the formation of the blood viruses’ thrombus. Something outside the topic, Kawasaki disease is discovered by a Japanese doctor who called Kawasaki in 1967. It is a disease which has the Systemic vasculitis as the major pathology. The disease is likely to happen to the boy kids who are younger than 5 years old but elder than 3 months. Because of the serious cardiovascular complication people starts to pay attention to it; however, the amount of children which has not been treated is as high as 20% to 25% out of the whole patient this happens because we have not figured out what is the cause of this disease.

Second, it can resist cancer. In 2014, sixth of August, British scientists combined all the evidence and come out a conclusion: if people keep taking aspirin every day they can reduce the chance of dying from the stomach cancer, intestine cancer. Here is a set of data, if people in Britain who are above 50 years’ old and keep taking aspirin every day there will be about 122000 people get away from cancer in next 20 years. However, the scientists also warn that aspirin can cause the bleeding inside the human body thus before you are planning to take aspirin in a long-term please check with your doctor. Another research has been done by the scientists who come from Queen Mary’s college; there will be 30 %to 40 % stomach cancer and intestine cancer patients will get away from the dead if they consistently take aspirin. Also in this study, the scientists considered the risk of a large amount of bleeding inside the body so they set the time period for long-term intake as ten years, and at the same time they also give out warnings that you must consider the opinions from your doctors before you start the process.