• Kaixin

Psychoactive drugs

In this new topic, we are going to look at the Psychoactive drugs and Nerve drugs. Even though these two types of drugs are quite different from each other but I still choose to put them together in one chapter; simply because from my point of view these two drugs have a few similar points, such as both of them do a bit of works on the nerves and neurons and so on. Now, here is the first one coming up which you may have identified already from the title, the Psychoactive drugs-the first type we are going to look at.

Psychoactive drugs are a type of drug could either cause depressing or excitation. It acts directly on the central nervous system. It can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia or even work as a type of painkiller; however, it has a strong addictive property, because of this, doctors normally make the decision really carefully when it comes up to the Psychoactive drugs; and also every countries are strict at recycling the wasted Psychoactive drugs, because it can be easily been abused...

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