• Kaixin

General Anesthetic

Updated: May 26, 2018

The General Anesthetics is a type of drug which can control the function of Central Nervous System, it can make invertible lost feeling and mind, it can make the Skeletal Muscle relax as well. Nowadays it is mainly used before the surgery. There are two major ways of taking the General anesthetic and there are depended on the drug you are given here are those two common ones; one is the Inhalation anesthetics and the other is Intravenous anesthetics. But what is the difference between two of them? Well we can tell from their name, they are different in the ways of using them, one you just need to breathe in the other you need to use intravenous injection to inject it into your body. Also they have different theories for making them to work in your body. For the inhalation anesthetics, the anesthetics and the anesthetics gas go into lung, then goes into the blood cycle by absorbing by the Alveolar capillaries, and it finally arrives at the Central Nervous System as its final destination and does it job at there. For the Intravenous anesthetics, you take it more directly instead of sucking it into your lung, you just need to inject it into your intravenous and make the anesthetics straight goes into the blood cycle However, for the disadvantage of the Intravenous anesthetics is the analgesic effect is not so obvious; thus it is only suitable to be used in the small scale surgery. So what actually are Inhalation anesthesia and Intravenous drugs? Let us now find it out...