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An introduction to Arteanniun

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

The Arteanniun is a medicine which is taken from the Artemisia annua which is a common type of wormwood native to temperate Asia. So before we start our study in Arteanniun let us have look at the Artemisia annua first, because it is always important to know where it comes from. Artemisia annua Linn is an Asteraceae belongs to the herb plants. It appears all around China, some part of Europe and Temperate, frigid, subtropical regions of Asia. It has a really strong adaptability. Arteanniun is a medicine has been taken out from the stem and leaf of the Artemisia annua Linn. It is found by a Chinese Scientist in 1971 who called Lu Yoyo. Even though Arteanniun is extracted from the plant but still it is a Chemical preparation instead of a Biology preparation.

Arteanniun has a molecule formula of C15H22O5. It is one of the most effect Antimalarial drug, especially when it comes to against the Brain Malaria and Anti-Chloroquine Malaria. Since 2000 the 2.4 Billion residence in the south part of the Sahara region take the treatment of the Arteanniun, and about 1.5 million avoid the death which caused by the Malaria because of the treatment. Thus a lot of Africa residence gave the name ‘Oriental god medicine’ to the Arteanniun. Despite from the good name, the Chinese scientist Lu also won the Noble prize because of discovering Arteanniun.

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