Opioid drugs time index

Even though the Opioid drugs are not quite in the category of the Narcotic drugs-it is more likely to be a type of psychoactive drug. But still, I want to talk about it in this topic just because of its importance of killing the pain. Here is some history of Opioid drugs.



-1806-                          German chemist Friedrich Serturner found Morphine while he was trying to isolate the compound which should have hypnotic function. So in other words he found it by accident.

-1847-                          British Chemist R. Wright who works for the St. Mary hospital in London found out Heroin by adding acetic anhydride into Morphine; also Heroin works better than Morphine in the way of killing pains.

-1861-                          Morphine was widely used in America in the war which happened at that time. Because at the time Military Treatments put ‘Stop the suffering’ in the first place. So Morphine is so frequently used and it is just because the great results of the treatment however they forgot about its strong addiction character, therefore, this gave the soldiers a hard time in their future life.

-1897-                          The medicine company Bayer found an even stronger painkilling medicine than Heroin which is Diacetyl Morphin. It is based on the discovery of Heroin. Since then because of its good efficacy,  the company tried its best to spread the drug out. Therefore, the ‘Hero Heroin’ soon spread out all around the world, however, once more they forgot the fact that it is really addictive. More ironically, in the clinical environment at the time, Heroin was mainly used to treat the addiction which caused by abusing Morphine.

-Now-                          The Opioid drugs are still used as painkiller nowadays. However, doctors will use them really carefully just because of its strong addicted property.

This the history of the Opioid drugs; they are a type of drug which can be easily abused so it is important to keep the use of them in control.