This is a brief history of the development of the general anaesthesia drugs. Now in our surgery and medicine system, general anaesthesia drugs play an important role; it can patients get the surgery without pain, also it is a benefit to doctors as well for doctors will not have a huge pressure which causes by the screaming from the patients compared to the old days.

-19th Century-              People do not have anaesthesia drugs at that time so during the surgery at that time the patients will either suffered from the pain or get knocked out physically by the doctor in order to avoid the pain which they are going to get. This makes the development of the anaesthesia drugs become necessary and urgent.

-1771-                          A British chemist and a France Chemist find out Oxygen from the air together then they also find the use of Oxygen. It is important to the development of the anaesthesia drugs for in the use of the general anaesthesia drugs it has to blend with a certain amount of oxygen. So in some kind of way, the discovery of the Oxygen is important to anaesthesia drugs.

-1772-                         The ‘Laughing gas’ Nitrous Oxide was found by the two chemists

-1794-                          A British doctor Thomas Beddoes started an institution about studying the force of gas and he got Humphrey Davy as his first man who got employed also he is the guy who made a great contribution in the anaesthesia drugs area in the future.

-1800-                          Davy published his essay which is about the study of breathing in the Nitrous Oxide. In his essay he is talking about the details of the experiment which he did by using Nitrous Oxide on a cat; he also mentioned that the feeling of breath ion the Nitrous Oxide by himself and his colleges. In both experiments no matter it is the cat or himself they all lost their sense of feeling and found it back again after a while. This essay built a solid base for Nitrous Oxide to become a proper Anesthesia drug in the future.

-1842-                          Lang a doctor who used the diethyl on a patient as an anaesthesia drug before a surgery first time in the history and he had a great success. However, he has not published it in the first place and this makes him no longer is the first man who used the anaesthesia drug in the clinical environment simply because he is not the first one who got recognized by the public.

-1846-                          After this year the anaesthesia drugs started to be widely used even though there are some patients who died because of the incorrect way of using the drugs.

-1847 to now-             More and safer anaesthesia drugs have been found and been used.


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